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Riverkeeper: New York's #1 Clean Water Advocate
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     Riverkeeper is an environmental organization founded on the premise that citizens themselves must roll up their sleeves to defend our waterways.

     Riverkeeper is a member-supported watchdog organization dedicated to defending the Hudson River and its tributaries and protecting the drinking water supply of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents.

     For more than 44 years Riverkeeper has been New York’s #1 clean water advocate. We have helped to establish globally recognized standards for waterway and watershed protection and serve as the model and mentor for the growing Waterkeeper movement that includes nearly 200 Waterkeeper programs across the country and around the globe.

     To learn more about how you can support Riverkeeper and the Riverkeeper/Shaklee fundraising initiative, please contact: 

                      Pamela Pinto 914-478-4501 x226  ppinto@riverkeeper.org

     By redirecting your spending on natural and organic products in nutrition; personal care and home, Shaklee will donate a portion of your retail dollars to Riverkeeper.  Please visit the on-line Shaklee catalog and partner with us to help make a difference.  Thank you!